I make product interactions feel human.

Every action the user performs on a product is an opportunity to start an authentic conversation with them.

Accessibility, clarity, and concision are the cornerstones of the web copy and product microcopy I create. 


As a staff content designer at Pinterest, I worked on multiple product surfaces in the ads measurement space. I updated the analytics experience to align with the new business strategy and built the brand new campaign insights page. I also mentored two ads measurement content designers.


During my time at Meta, I was a senior content designer on the privacy infrastructure team. We built the internal tooling that enabled Meta employees launching new products, campaigns, etc., to ensure that user privacy is protected. As they were building their products, they had to go through a notoriously complex privacy review process that allowed them to explain their privacy practices to auditors and also submit evidence to prove that they implemented everything necessary to uphold Meta's privacy standards. This evidence submission process was the focus of my team. I also contributed to the overall privacy and content design disciplines and worked on other high-impact, high-visibility cross-functional projects.



As the senior content strategist (and the only content person in the organization until I was blessed with an intern!) at Unbabel, I had the amazing opportunity to work on both marketing and product UX projects. It was probably the most eventful time in my career: I built their style guide and voice and tone framework from scratch and produced the content for their product, a massive rebranding, a brand new pricing framework, launching a new market category, a first ever annual event of its kind, and an acquisition, among other things.