LangOps Universe

LangOps Universe was Unbabel's first-ever annual event of its kind. This is where users could see the new branding activated for the first time.

We wanted to set the right tone and clearly define what this event is about, who the intended audience are, etc., starting with the registration page.

LangOps Universe header image

I created the wireframe for the registration page and wrote the copy. More than 800 guests registered!

brief blurb on the left introducing the event and our goals for it. a bullet list of what users can get from the event on the right.

I also proposed an FAQ section in the end to make it easier for curious users to find clear answers.

simple FAQ about the event to answer immediate questions

I also worked with the Creative team on an interactive Miro board to encourage our guests to participate in unexpected ways and to keep all the resources in one place. With our designers, I worked on all the copy as well as the individual elements that went into the board.