Hi, I'm Neeru.

I'm an Indian Tamil writer.

a picture of Neeru smiling into the camera

I'm a design thinker and a vocal advocate of accessibility and equity. I bring all the skills I've picked up as a storyteller to the table, and empathy is chief among them. I aim to engage, educate, and evoke emotions.

I write UX copy, create B2B marketing assets, and build content strategies for tech companies. I'm a member of the Interaction Design Foundation.

Reach out to me for inclusive writing that puts your users first.


I've worked with Meta, Unbabel, Builder.io, Samsung NEXT Whisk, Zoho


tools i work with: Wordpress, Miro, Figma, Canva, Zoho suite, Zoom, Slack, G suite, Hubspot, Monday.com, Notion, Uberflip, MS Office

Sometimes, I tell stories.

In intimate stories of Indian women in urban surroundings, I unpack women's relationship with their bodies and self, explore the idea of love and romance, and ultimately hope to challenge patriarchy and tradition. I frequently draw inspiration from magical realism, fairy tales, and manga. I have an MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) from Bowling Green State University. I'm represented by Dr. Uwe Stender of Triada US Literary Agency.

My work has been published in CRAFT Literary, The Maine Review, South Florida Poetry Journal, Stonecoast Review, GASHER, and other journals. I've been nominated for Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. I've also been a finalist at the CRAFT Short Fiction Prize and an honorary mention for the Norton Girault Prize for Fiction. I'm currently working on a queer YA novel.

I'd love to help.

Looking for MFA, tech industry, marketing, content design, UX, and/or publishing advice? Need help with your resume or portfolio? I'm mentoring on ADPList.org.

I care too much about too many things.

Here are some topics I'm always game to discuss.

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Disability and accessibility

  • Mental health and neurodiversity

  • Humor, comedy (including standup), and memes

  • Movies and Reality TV (specifically cooking shows)

  • Poetry and fiction (experimental, micro, flash, screenplay, novels)

  • Feminism

  • Technology

  • Romance (including manga and webtoons)

  • Food

  • Music (kpop, jpop, jazz, indie)

  • Cats (the animals, not the musical; for the latter, see Humor, comedy, and memes)

  • Astrology and tarot

  • Any intersections of the above

Pay what you can, when you can.

Working on an app with accessibility and inclusion in mind? Building a nonprofit to support underserved communities? Setting up a literary journal? Got a Greater Good idea you'd like to brainstorm? Passion projects and labor-of-love proposals are always welcome. I'd love to work with you (within a limited budget/for free).