user Onboarding enables both business teams and developers to quickly build websites, apps, storefronts, etc. As their freelance copywriter, I worked closely with their head of marketing and the product marketing team to build an in-app experience to onboard new users. 

The onboarding flow had to serve two purposes: to help the user find their bearings within the app and to also help the Builder team to learn more about their users and establish trust with them. 

Since Builder could be used by both developers and non-developers, we wanted to design a workflow that both kinds of users could easily navigate.

The flow consisted of these steps:

Flowchart of developer user flow

Once this flow was finalized, the Builder team and I iterated on the copy until we matched Builder's voice and brand personality and also improved the user experience. 

The first draft of the welcome screen did not align with the brand's voice. The language was also not straightforward or addressing the purposes mentioned above.

I helped the team be more strategic with marketing copy, adding it only to parts of the flow that could influence conversion and upgrade. Instead of within this flow, I proposed a few solutions to highlight Builder's value and increase user engagement. Using research as a way to identify where users got more invested and where they dropped off, I suggested putting up succinct pointers revealing value and impact on transition screens and gently encouraging the user to create the very first project.

My content recommendations were user-centric and to the point, improved readability, and gave the user transparency about the steps and information being collected. 

We paid special attention to the tone throughout, keeping it consistently educational and supportive.



I rewrote the microcopy in jargon-free, human language to help the user get the most out of the product without feeling overwhelmed.