CompetitorS PAGE

We needed to give our prospects complete information about all the solutions in the market and why Unbabel was the right solution for them, but without bashing our competitors.

The competitors page was an opportunity to establish trust with prospects. We wanted to be transparent about the pros of the other solutions and genuinely help the user make a decision that would benefit their business.

competitors page header image

I ensured that the copy was high level to give just enough information instead of being a flood of data points. I also helped with arranging the elements on WordPress in an easily navigable way. I proposed the call-out boxes that helped Unbabel's approach stand out without directly contrasting our solution with the rest.

a box that calls out Unbabel's approach clearly in comparison with its competitors

I also recommended the dropdown boxes for each competitor to keep it compact.

a section from the page showing machine translation-only solutions with a brief general blurb about this category on the left and a dropdown for each competitor (Google, DeepL, Microsoft) on the right with more specifics.

I edited the content on this page, from the titles to blurbs, for precision and wrote the text on the form.

simple demo form at the bottom of the page