Unbabel Rebranding

In 2021, Unbabel announced their rebranding. The website needed a facelift to reflect the company's new brand. They'd introduced a new market category and clearer use cases.

I needed to incorporate the refined messaging and unique voice into the new home page.


before: a big block of text


after: a single-sentence headline and single-sentence copy

Originally, when someone visited the site, they wouldn't immediately get a sense of the Unbabel brand and offering. I made sure to clearly state all this through the copy, with succinct definitions/descriptions of the Unbabel product.

I worked on multiple granular details to illustrate how real-time translation works in customer service chat, like the elements in the chat gif in the header. I also wrote the copy for the banners and popups and helped with decluttering the navigation bar and footer.

header image of the new site setting clear expectations

We didn't want an endlessly scrolling, busy home page, only the most relevant content. Our new brand elements were light and fun, and the page needed to match that. We also kept the navigation simple and included a way to give users a quick taste of the product without going into the product itself or signing up.

Based on analysis of our competitors' websites and questions that Unbabel's Sales and Customer Success teams usually received, I brainstormed with the Creative team on the different elements we could include to keep the page interesting and to diversify the elements on it. I then built the wireframe for the page. The white space on this page does as much work as the bold elements.

clutter free nav bar and a banner

The Unbabel product caters to three different use cases, but we didn't have the pages to inform and educate our users. So I created the content for these new pages and wrote a new section on the home page to direct users to the right page.

three boxes with clear text in them written in the user's voice for Unbabel's three use cases

Throughout this process, I worked closely with the Brand and Creative team. We extended the voice and style to a few other pages as well. This is what the header of the Product Overview page looks like.

header of the product page

I don't believe this initiative is complete, but this work was definitely a step in the right direction for the Unbabel brand.