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Subject: How to build a cohesive journey that converts

Hello <name>, 

Did you enjoy Season 7 of the Commerce Roundtable? We sure did!

In her session, our Head of Partnerships (and self-confessed shopaholic) Julia Shkrabova shared how hyper-personalized experiences and tailored content help your ecommerce brand get loyal customers — and keep them.

If you missed the session, we've got your back. We want to make sure you have access to Julia's valuable tips on wooing customers and gaining their trust, so here's the full video.

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P.S. You can create your own stunning experiences for your customers using Builder's visual editor. Read our step-by-step guides to learn how.

Subject: Wonder how Everlane does it? / Go to market 4x faster with personalization at scale

Hello <name>,

For an ecommerce brand, nothing's more important than building close relationships with customers. And to do that, you need personalization at scale. 

Leading e-commerce powerhouse Everlane has a few aces up their sleeve in this regard: They published a whopping 100+ versions of their homepage in just one month and welcome their customers with dynamically personalized content — all without relying on developers.

So how does Everlane stay ahead of their competitors by going to market 4x faster? Hear from our Founder and CEO Steve Sewell explains.

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Do you feel inspired to create high-performance personalization for your customers? With a headless CMS like Builder, you can drag and drop React components and build highly customizable pages in no time.

Subject: High speed, high performance, zero lines of code

Hello <name>,

In ecommerce, constant experimentation is the best way to learn more about your customers and give them what they want. But most A/B testing tools weigh your site down, turning your customers away.

At Builder, we're performance-obsessed so you can focus on being customer-obsessed. Builder comes with a built-in high-performance A/B testing tool that lets you maximize your ecommerce site's potential and deliver multiple variations of your site blazingly fast. 

And here's some more music to your ears: It's no-code! 

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Subject: Test drive Builder, no strings attached 

Hello <name>,

An ecommerce brand must live and breathe fluid experimentation, super-fast iteration, and hyper-personalization to truly connect with customers. 

Builder comes with a host of powerful tools that enables you to create stunning experiences easily and quickly, like

Sign up for our all-access free tier and test out these features and more — no commitment needed.

P.S. Got questions for us? Talk to our product experts today.

Subject: The all-in-one solution for your ecommerce website / Builder gives you superpowers

Hi there, <name>,

Standing out amongst millions of ecommerce brands is not easy. You need to build memorable visuals, deliver relevant content tailored to your customers' needs, optimize your site for high performance, and keep experimenting to instantly meet emerging trends. 

That's why we created Builder, so you don't lose precious time doing something that should be no-code, drag-and-drop, straightforward magic. Don't believe us? Ask these top brands how they use Builder to produce industry-leading experiences that their customers remember for a long time.

Builder is an all-in-one solution that can empower your ecommerce brand in these ways and more. Speak to a product specialist today to get started.


Subject: Time for a reboot 

You started your dream career expecting to build beautiful experiences for the web that worked. 

But you didn’t think you’d be wrestling the endless backlog of content, copy and layout requests from marketing, day in and day out.

We get it. We’re developers too, and we’ve been where you are now.

It’s no one’s fault that marketing works at a pace totally different from our Agile/scrum meetings. They have a more reactive approach than development’s proactive schedule. And when you bring the two together, there’s chaos. 

We have a hot fix! Marketing can push their updates without your help — adhering to your design system and branding. And you have more time to do what you love. Dream scenario, right?

Thankfully, it’s reality. Empower the non-developers on your team while still retaining control — it's all possible with Builder. 

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Subject: No-code is a no-go

We know what you’re thinking: There’s no way a no-code solution could work for your team. No-code tools would eliminate the need for developers entirely, giving your marketing team the power to build landing pages and other experiences rapidly. 

But what about the design system you so painstakingly built? Or performance as a factor? Even the most beautiful website is unusable if it doesn’t load fast.

No offense to no-code solutions — they’re great for some scenarios and teams. But they’re built with the expectation that you’ll start from scratch. And if you have existing frameworks and a design system in place, these tools can’t do justice to those.

That’s why developers in the same boat as you built as a visual editor and not as a no-code platform. We understand exactly what you need: Builder fits into any framework and can be adopted gradually, at just the right pace for you and your team.

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Subject: Plugins for days

Already using a headless CMS like Contentful, WordPress, or Sanity? We have good news: You don’t have to move any of that data to Builder. Builder works great in combination with your existing CMS. 

As developers, the last thing we need is more gigantic projects added to our plates. That’s why Builder is not another conversion. Instead, we created Builder to be that additional tool that uses the data in your CMS and lets you build visually. 

Not only that, you can also leverage your current DAM system. Whether you use a popular option like Cloudinary, Akamai, or Imgix, or your own DAM like a standalone AEM system, Builder has plugins for anything you need.

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Subject: Ghost the inflexible host

Most no-code solutions ship their code and host the solution for you. But if you have a favorite hosting solution that really makes your code perform at the next level, you shouldn’t have to compromise. 

Fortunately, Builder’s developer team has already thought about this. We let you stick with whatever hosting provider you’re currently using — and no need to get stressed about complex routing requirements or additional DNS configurations.

Builder partners with Vercel, Cloudflare, Netlify, and every other solution you can think of, so you can let your code shine without giving up your standards.

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Subject: Put your stamp on it

We know customization is your middle name. 

Customer user flows, Single Sign-On with OAuth or SAML integrations, creating your own applications… Builder is entirely customizable. Apps let you completely skin Builder’s Visual Editor. 

With Builder and your brand’s unique flavor, the possibilities are endless. 

Builder lets you make it all your own. Let’s talk, developer to developer →